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Session sub-committee: Worship and Discipleship
Session Report.
(1)Matters arising from Minute of 5th August and Session Meeting of 27th August:
(i)               Use of Paintings etc Ruth and Simon’s work had been much appreciated. The comment at last session was that we needed to make more of the artist’s work – perhaps with the artist explaining their painting and highlighting features of it. Trudi had followed this through at the services she led in September. Simon commented that Multi-media facilities would make this so much easier – the artist could produce a much smaller work which could be enlarged on the screen.
Trudi hopes to have the Sunday School produce a nativity scene to be displayed in Ceres Vestibule.
(ii)              Prayer Tree: Messy Church issues. Keeping the children focused at prayer-time is something we are addressing.
Ceres use of the prayer tree  – we noted the comments made at the session meeting that more thought needed to be put into how we presented this. Again, Trudi had implemented some of the suggestions in September.
 Rachel suggested that there be a hymn after the offering, (when prayers are gathered) Those who wish can hang their prayer at the end. Use of the prayer tree should not be over-done as it loses its impact if it becomes too mundane. We are experimenting with different ways.
(iii)           Use of Drama. There was a call for flexibility of approach…..some perhaps setting the story in modern time……It was suggested that at services such as baptisms where there are more people with little knowledge of the Bible, that the drama should simply tell the story (which may well not be known to many there) rather than re-interpret it. .
We had a variety of views on this – nothing is written in stone. Again, it is good to try different approaches.
(iv)           Photograph issue – necessary to emphasise (in writing on order of service) that no photos are to be taken when children are in church and to highlight this from the front.
(v)             Praise time before service begins: This was tried for the first time at the United Service on 29th October and led by Rachel McGregor. It is hoped to repeat this on a monthly basis.
(vi)           Pets service Feedback.  Good day – a lovely service. To be repeated. (Re squabbling dogs - Minister to be provided with re-enforced jeans!) 
(vii)        Farming service – we note that Harvest time is not suitable for this to happen on a local farm.  However – suggested that field behind Sandy Mitchell’s in Ceres (Glebe land) could be used for Harvest in mid/late October next year.. Let us keep this idea alive.
(viii)      Back to Church Sundays – worth doing again. There were a few people who came to the Ceres and Springfield services who had not been for a while.
(ix)           Developing Ceres Sunday service as more family friendly. A play mat has been purchased – this has been laid at the front of the Church where mothers can sit with babies or small children.
(x)             Ceres Long Tables – it was pointed out that very uncomfortable with craning necks etc. Suggest that if these have to be retained that they be used only once a year.
(xi)           Worship Group. The Weaving Worship course has been over-subscribed. We will be informed when another course is made available.
(2)Sunday Night /Thursday morning Reflective –has recommenced.
(3)Christmas Programme of services, especially issue of Christmas Eve services.  (See separate document) Jim Campbell has on his computer an Advent prayer booklet he wrote some years ago. It was suggested this be printed professionally and distributed for Advent.  Simon is happy to provide one or two illustrations. Jim will investigate printing costs with Minuteman Press in Falkirk.
Actions:  Approval required for Christmas schedule of services.
                Jim to contact Minuteman Press in Falkirk re Advent Booklet.
                Simon to provide a few illustrations.

Children and Families Worker Report – Kirk Session:  14th August 2017
First of all, may I thank all who were involved in any way with the Table at the Games Day.  It was appreciated that a community presence was there.
Messy Church is doing well.
Messy Church is not about getting more people into the church services on a Sunday morning.  Instead it is about meeting people where they are.  It has the following values:
·         Christ-centredness.  Everything we do flows from the good news of Jesus Christ.  All the activities, fun and sharing a meal bring together the example of Jesus as he ate, talked and shared with people.  Each month a Bible Story is chosen for the theme.
·         All-Age.  It celebrates all ages together – not just children, but children mixing with grandchildren, parents spending time together, Dads and children having an afternoon together, Mums having time to share and explore.
·         Hospitality.  Sharing a meal together is an integral part of Messy Church.  For many families it is the only time they sit down together around a table.  It resonates with what Jesus did and the many, many times he sat down to eat with people.
·         Creativity.  The Creativity time is about exploring the Bible Story and responding to it.  Each person will respond to stories differently and a choice of activities enables everyone to take part.
·         Celebration.  This is where we unpack the story – and in a very reflective way everyone is drawn into a time of worship and prayer.
Sunday School was doing well before the summer.  Our main challenge for when the church rebuilding starts is where and when we will meet. 
I will be working with Jim on the new Drop-In Café in Springfield.  It’s great to have a mum from Messy Church helping at the first one.
Last term Jim and I had a lot of involvement with all three primary schools, and we already have meetings set up for two of the schools when terms starts again.
I’ve been involved in other regular work, such as pastoral visiting, including hospital, baptismal and general pastoral visits.   
I’m involved with services and working with Jim in developing family friendly worship, particularly in Ceres.
I’m also continuing to be part of the group that meets as a Cluster. 
Future happenings include another Pet Service on Sunday 20th August and Woodland Church on Sunday 22nd October. 
On a personal note, I am still exploring the possibility of going forward for Ministry.  As part of this exploration I am attached to the Howe of Fife and as such, have been attending church there occasionally.  I am aiming towards the next stage in this exploration, which is a conference at the end of October / beginning of November.  I appreciate all your support and would ask for your prayers as I continue to explore if ministry is for me. 
Finally, may I thank everyone for their involvement, support and prayers for the ongoing children and family work in the parish.

Peter Milne (Chair), Robin Bennett, Rachel McGregor, Fiona Gray, Ella Brown, Trish Duff, David Inglis, Simon Weller, Sarah Wood and Gordon Barclay (CoS)
Anne Hoggan, Anne Lumsden and Colin Johnson
The meeting started with a prayer.
1. Option Paper on Kemback Hall
Gordon Barclay was welcomed to the meeting by Peter Milne and went on to outline the option paper he had prepared and which had been distributed prior to the meeting.   There was a discussion about the different options and there was general agreement that a 20/25-year repairing lease with a break after year three or four was the favoured option of the BSC.    There would need to be discussion on the level of nominal rent for the hall and the church would require to insure the building as they continued to own the hall with the community organisation responsible for the public liability insurance.    It was recognised that the car park would be included in the lease.  It may be that the church would wish, at a future date, within the lifetime of the lease, to have the option to sell a part of the car park as a building site.   The matter will be considered at the Congregational Board on 26th October 2017 when the chair of the Hall Steering Group will be present.
2. Update on Springfield Sale of Land
Gordon Barclay updated the meeting on the interest to date in the land for sale in Springfield.  There had been two expressions of interest in the plots but both interests were far short of the advertised price.   After some discussion it was agreed that there was some time to let the land stay on the market.  It was also agreed that a further valuation, by a different surveyor, would confirm if the price that the land was on the market at was correct or not.    Gordon Barclay agreed to sound out the costs of a further survey.
3. Update on Ceres – Draft Appeal Letter
Sarah Wood had circulated the first draft of the appeal letter for comment.    There was general agreement that an appeal should be lodged with the General Trustees but everyone was aware of the risks of doing so.   Gordon Barclay suggested that we sought clarification as to the status of CARTA’s recommendation in view of the approval of the Fabric and Finance Committee at its meeting on 4th July 2017.    The letter was discussed and there was general agreement that the ultra vires argument / terms of reference points should be taken out of the letter.   Sarah Wood requested comments by the evening of Thursday 19th October 2017.  A further draft of the letter will be sent to Peter Milne and Jim Campbell for final approval.  
4. Kemback Church – Toilet
Jim Campbell outlined the need for a toilet in the church.   At the present time there was an outside toilet that was unsuitable for any person with a physical disability.   The problem was becoming more urgent as an increasing number of weddings were taking place in Kemback Church.   It was agreed to seek approval from the Congregational Board at its meeting on 26th October 2017 to retain Tom Morton to come up with some suggestions as to how a toilet could be built in the current vestry and to explore the possibility of a disabled access for the church.
5. Finance Report for the Springfield Project
Sarah Wood circulated a schedule detailing the costs and likely funding sources of the Springfield Project.   The schedule was gone through with Sarah Wood explaining each of the lines of the schedule.  It was agreed that Sarah Wood should proceed to make applications to the three trusts named in the schedule.
6. Finance Report to end of September 2017
Sarah Wood circulated a copy of the financial statement to the end of September 2017.   The statement highlighted the tightness of the financial position of CKS.  It was acknowledged that in the current year there had been some exceptional expenditure in relation to the change of manses and the building project.
7. Draw from Reserves
Following on from the discussion about the financial statement Sarah Wood sought approval to seek Congregational Board approval to seek a draw from the reserves of approximately £10,000.   The BSC supported that proposal.
8. Stewardship in 2018
Sarah Wood and Ella Brown had attended a Church of Scotland seminar on Finance and Stewardship where the importance of Stewardship was stressed.   It was agreed that the matter would be raised with the Kirk Session.
9. Building Maintenance Plan
There was a general discussion about the need for a three-year maintenance plan for the three churches.   It was agreed that Sarah Wood would convene a meeting with the three building convenors at the beginning of December 2017 to start constructing a building maintenance plan for 2018 to 2021.
10. Feedbank on H and S guidance
In the absence of Colin Johnson, who had given his apologies for the meeting, it was agreed that this matter be carried over to the next meeting.
11. Draft Request for Release of Funds from Springfield Bequest
Sarah Wood circulated a schedule detailing the proposed draft from Springfield Bequest for revenue expenditure.   The schedule had been compiled after discussion with Jim Campbell on the details.   It was agreed that the schedule should be presented to the Congregational Board on 26th October 2017 for approval.
12. Draft Budget for 2018
Sarah Wood circulated a schedule outlining the proposed 2018 budget for 2018.  To ensure that the budget is balanced the building budget is reduced from the previous years budget.   It was agreed that the schedule should be presented to the Congregational Board on 26th October 2017 for approval and then onward transmission to Presbytery.

Fellowship and Outreach Sub-Committee. Session Report for 9th November 2017
(i)               Sundae Sundays – feedback. Attendance varied – made in Ceres over £280. Springfield version in September was a great success with lots of polite and enthusiastic children. £34 raised. Neither were intended primarily as fund-raisers but actually raised a good amount.
Springfield money – Messy Church. Ceres – money to soup /tea fund.
(ii)             Harvest Lunch at Ceres Lovely time together. Simple lunch with local produce. A strong sense of community and fellowship. Funds split between Food Bank and Church - £134 total. Food gifts given to Food bank. Good to support Foodbank rather than traditional idea of fruit etc that no-one really wants.
(iii)          Back to Church Sunday – feedback. About eight people at Ceres. Simon’s notice-board was excellent – illustrating all our activities. Three at Springfield – real buzzy atmosphere. None at Kemback.
(iv)           Guild  - doing well, continues to be Church for some non-Sunday people.
Possibility of Moody & Sanky evening at Kemback? “Bringing in the Sheaves” was much appreciated at Kemback Harvest!
(v)             Springfield Drop-in Café - Working well – where people can be comfortable on the edge of the church. (Like several other initiatives in our parish)
(vi)           Kemback Hall –Burns Supper in January 2018 tbc. Short bowls on Tuesdays - small numbers at the moment. Bowls and Blether still continues on Fridays. Whist evenings continue 3rd Friday of the month.
(vii)        Harvest 2018 – thoughts/suggestions from worship sub-committee. Ongoing conversation.  A service naming local farms?
(viii)      Communication – colour copier. Progress. Wait until re-doing of the church?
(1)            Retreat Days. The house really lends itself to this. The last one was  a great success. People found their own place in the day whether drawing, reflecting, walking in the garden etc.
(2)            Sanctuary –.. Based around periods of silence, music, Biblical and other readings. Box pews used for various reflective activities. .Team of nine work together with great enthusiasm and commitment in order to produce this.  Tea and coffee facilities are in vestry and at end. Post-cards have been printed.
(3)Christmas 2017 – see timetable on separate sheet.
Lantern workshop in Session House followed by Lantern walk in Craighall Den. The group felt that this could be really attractive to the community.
Other fellowship/Outreach opportunities over Christmas period?

Christmas Programme:
Sunday 3rd December: 1st in Advent:
Springfield 09.45. Ceres 11.15
2.30pm Bereavement Service
Saturday 9th December (Provisional) 4pm: Lantern making workshop in Ceres Session Hall followed by lantern walk in Craighall Den.
Sunday 10 th December: 2nd in Advent:
Kemback 09.45, Ceres 11.15am
4pm Messy Church
6.30pm: Cluster Carol Service in Cupar Old.
Friday 15th Youth Club Nativity?
Sunday 17th December: 3rd in Advent.
09.45: Springfield
11.15: Ceres – All Age Christmas Celebration. Thursday 21st December:
7pm:  Ceres School and Community Carol Service in Ceres Church.
Sunday 24th December: 4th in Advent/Christmas Eve.
11.15 United Morning Service at Springfield (short) Change from advertised service to avoid Ceres having three services in 24 hours!
6.30pm: Springfield Family Service with Baptism
9pm (Led by Simon and elders): Ceres Carol Service. This had been very popular –
11.15 for 11.30pm: Kemback Watchnight
Monday 25th December: Christmas Day
Ceres 10.30am
Wednesday 27th   December: Sanctuary 12noon and 6.30pm