Charity name: Ceres Kemback and Springfield Church

Charity No: SCO17442

Easter 2017 Newsletter


Dear All,

As I write, it is Ash Wednesday and so we have just entered the season of Lent. I suspect that many people – and especially those outside the church – look upon Lent as a rather gloomy expression of faith – a time for wearing hair-shirts and a rather unhealthy emphasis on denial and even something like self-hate.

Now of course, we journey under the sign of the Cross – a stark and forbidding image in one sense and yet at the same time a sign of hope, healing and new creation. For the Cross both judges what we are now and opens up a new road towards what we have yet to become. The Cross is the sign of God’s redeeming and embracing a lost and runway world. Lent is a time certainly when we focus on the brokenness and mess of our world – and equally of our own lives. However, we do so from the standpoint of the new life and hope that exploded into the world at the first Easter. We journey to the Empty Tomb by way of the Cross.

There is hope – and in the Church we have been made custodians of this Gospel of Hope. We are by our very existence a community of hope. Let’s remember the words of Pope John Paul II - “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!”

One of the really hopeful things for me as minister is the way in which we are more than ever before operating as one united parish. Our elders and board members now rotate round the three buildings for Sunday door duties. (Elders and board members belong to the whole parish of CKS – and not to any one building within it) Messy Church draws its team from all corners of our parish to work together with families in Springfield. In other ways too, we are operating as the union which we are. To give another example, our flourishing Guild draws its membership from across our one parish, and not just from the corner in which it meets.

As I write, I am preparing to move to a new manse. (see article inside) My cardinal rule this time is that I’m not carrying junk and rubbish along the road to the new manse! There is a lot of chucking out to be done! Is that not a kind of mini-parable?

Lent is indeed a time of hope. It is also a time of getting rid of the baggage we have carried too long – the wrong attitudes, the obsessions, the mini-idolatries, (or major idolatries?!) the resentments as well as the crippling weight of guilt and fear.

 Yes – together we are to be a sign of hope – a contradiction of the gloom and pessimism of our post-Trump world. It is a time to make sure that we as the Church in Scotland are a sign of hope for a broken world and not just one more example of the same mess and division that is wrecking our planet.

There is hope!


Jim Campbell.



Anne Hughes-Hallet, Elizabeth Lee and Simon Weller have undergone training in a presbytery led course, “Weaving Worship.” All three were presented with certificates at the February Presbytery Meeting in St Andrews. We very much appreciate the time and effort that Anne, Elizabeth and Simon have given to exploring the vital and foundational role of worship and how it is led.

As a result, with the worship group and Trudi Newton sharing in services Sunday by Sunday worship in CKS has increasingly become a team effort rather than a “one-man-band.” While this may seem a radical innovation to some, it is actually very much a return to our roots in the Reformation. One of the great rediscoveries of that movement was that members of the congregation had also gifts and ministries, including those relating to leading public worship – and that they should have opportunity to exercise these gifts.

 There is no intention that worship groups should ever replace the role of the ordained minister of Word and Sacrament. However, having a good worship team also prepares us for a future in which ordained ministers might well have to be spread even more thinly than at present and in which an ordained minister might not be available for every service each and every Sunday.

Anyone is welcome to join the worship group – you don’t have to do a training course. The one requirement is that you be willing to meet to talk about and reflect on what we are doing in worship.

Jim Campbell.


At time of writing, the manse has the appearance (as my mother would have said) of Paddy’s Market! There are boxes and bags everywhere. I am living surrounded by chaos at the moment. Shelves and cupboards are slowly emptying as I prepare to move to the new Manse, Almbank, in Gladney, Ceres.

It was back in October 2016, at a united service in Ceres Church that the congregation of CKS approved the proposal to sell the existing manse in St Andrews Road in order to move to the more modern and economic bungalow in Gladney. I am not enjoying the process of moving, but I look forward to living in a house that will be much easier – and cheaper – to heat, and that will be much less of a drain on congregational funds in terms of maintenance and repairs. As with the outgoing manse, I intend to make Almbank a place of welcome and hospitality for church and community.

See you there!

Jim Campbell.

PS – warm thanks to all who have helped with the move and the packing!



C KS  Prayer group meets on the first Tuesday of every month in each church in rotation. Dates and venues can be found on the church notice boards. All are welcome to join us. We are holding a World Day of Prayer service in Ceres Church this year on Friday 3rd March when the theme, chosen by the women of the Phillipines is "Am I being unfair to you?" based on the reading from Matthew 20: 1-16. Representatives from all the organisations in CKS will take part and we will consider the difficulties faced by the people of that country, how our actions could make a difference and how God cares for all of us, wherever we are.


Beautiful flowers appear in our Churches for Sunday services. Not only do these enhance the sanctuaries but are gratefully received by those who are ill or sad. Many thanks to all who donate, arrange and distribute. Contact: Mary Robertson (Ceres), Pat Fraser (Kemback) or Elizabeth McGaffin (Springfield) if you would like to gift flowers.


P lease take a moment to check on your bookshelves or in the car, to see if you have a Church Hymnbook – purple cover CH4. Inside there will be a CKS label. The Hymnbooks are quite costly to replace and any being unused would be welcomed back!


Both Ceres Church and Kemback Church are open during hours of daylight and visitors are welcome. Since the practice was started last summer many – some from a distance and others from the local area have enjoyed the peace of the surroundings for quiet reflection and prayer. Thanks to Ella brown and Simon Weller for opening and closing our buildings.


A round the end of December, just prior to Christmas someone left a bag of food outside the Church, as a donation to Cupar Foodbank. Unfortunately it rained overnight which resulted in the note attached to the bag being washed out and we were unable to decipher the donors name and address.  So to whoever it was - and you know who you are - many thanks on behalf of the Foodbank staff for your donation. All donations are warmly welcomed. Bill Nicol


The Guild continues to flourish. We had 29 people at our last meeting this week, where a most informative and entertaining talk was given by Rev. Dr. Peter Mills, who spoke of his life as a Padre in the RAF. Our January speaker, Dave Burke, talked about his work with the British Antarctic survey in Antarctica, accompanied by some wonderful slides. In March, our last speaker for the season is Elizabeth East from Edinburgh, cousin of Anne Hughes-Hallett, telling us about The Treasure Trove, which sells specialised items, made by people in reduced circumstances. We look forward to welcoming anyone, member or not, to this meeting.

We are investigating the possibility of asking a highly recommended speaker on the V & A to come and address an evening meeting during the summer. We would hope that as many people as possible would like to attend and would hope to serve wine and cheese. It would be most helpful if any interested could respond. The event would be organised by the Guild, in aid of CKS Guild., which donates to deserving causes both in the UK and elsewhere. Finally, please note this date in your diaries. The Guild annual tea will be held on Saturday, 1st July, in Kemback Hall. The time, to be confirmed later, is 2 – 4pm. We hope to have superb home baking, as well as tea on offer. Please come and support this event. Sheena Sturrock



Report Kemback Steering Group for Newsletter March 2017

 The group has had a successful start to 2017 with a sell-out Burns supper, delivered by a strong team under the leadership of our hall chairman, Chris Hemingway and Elizabeth, who cooked soup, vegetables and dessert. Many people helped, there were good speeches and dancing afterwards to the accordion of David Jack.

We are planning future events and are very pleased with the regular support and use of the hall by Bowls and Blether, a great meeting place, where bowling is optional and chat the order of the day! A new short bowls session has started, on a Tuesday night, easier that the conventional carpet bowls and welcoming all of whatever ability. There have been two whist evenings, with up to ten tables at play, despite other local events taking place. The last rainbow Whist Drive takes place in the Hall on Friday 17th March at 7.30 pm. Our Guild flourishes, with an attendance of 29 this week.

The Steering Group welcomes suggestions for any further events and weekly activities, with people to come forward to organise them. The hall can also be used for music and other groups for practice, being well away from the other housing. We shall require an annual income of about 5,000 to keep the hall going, but are extremely grateful to many people, not least our present property convenor, for the many services voluntarily rendered to the hall. We are indebted to CKS Church for funding major roof repair and are now investigating obtaining funding for further improvements.

Onwards and upwards!

Chiropody and Podiatry

Friendly Home Visiting Practice

Mrs Fiona Poolman (BSc Podiatry)

To make an appointment call: 01334 653418 daytime, 01334 657335 evening, Mobile 07761764590

HPC Registered Member of Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

All general foot problems treated

Had a chat with Fiona who tells me that she is quite busy and if you require a visit from her, there is a waiting time of 2-3 weeks. Editor.


Cupar Cluster Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne 2017

Together with members of our sister churches in Cupar, Dairsie and Monimail, we are organising a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne on Saturday 19th August 2017. We will be travelling by coach and expect to spend around six hours on the island. There will be various options including a choice of two walks – one more energetic and one more sedate! There will as usual be a closing service in one of the island churches.

The cost will be 15 a head. More details will be forthcoming nearer the time, but we will be signing up soon, and ask people please to pay when they sign up.

Jim Campbell.

SHOEBOXES: Hazel and Ken Aitken have started again filling shoeboxes for the Blythswood Charity trust. These boxes go to very poor and needy families mainly in Eastern Europe. Ken and Hazel have sent hundreds of boxes over past years and really appreciate everyone’s willingness to help. If you would care to donate toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap or combs they would be extremely grateful.


   We enjoy the friendship and companionship of all who come to worship together.
Messy Church :
This is a continuing success. On 23rd February the theme was the two parables, The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin. Finding the lost sheep and the lost coins in the church and hall became very exciting and competitive. The delicious meal was mince, beef not lamb, mashed potatoes, fruit tart and cream. It was mostly cooked on the premises too.
We are very grateful for all the commitment from CKS.
Springfield School:
Mr Donald Gillespie heads Craigrothie and Pitlessie schools as well as Springfield. He is a very busy man, sharing his time equally among them. The three schools, staff, pupils and parents benefit from collaborating with each other in many aspects of school life.
Christmas events:
“Born in a Barn” was performed, accompanied by violinists and recorder players, after weeks of practice. It was a splendid production. The Christmas parties from Nursery to P7 were very enjoyable with Santa finding time to attend each party and with a gift for everyone.
This Term:
Fairyland is the new topic for P1/P2 and that is what their classroom has been transformed into. Through play and related activities the children's literary and imaginative skills are being developed as well as their own personalities. Wonderful fairy stories have been enjoyed.
Oh to be in Fairyland ! Lucky P1/P2.
The Scottish Poetry Competition, held on 27th January was a great success with great enthusiasm and talent shown throughout the school.
World Book Day is celebrated on 2nd March. Children from Nursery to P7 have been invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book. How many elves and fairies ?
Parents' Evening is on 28 March. Spring holiday 3417 to 14417.
Springfield Community Trust:
Arthur Park Sports Facility: This is being used frequently for ball games and by visiting children too.  Sports coaching and guidance are really needed now and volunteers are eagerly sought amongst people who have experience and enthusiasm. Contact e mail address below.
Swings : The frames for the swings are in place, awaiting the swings.
Christmas Tree: very effective especially at night. The electricity was kindly donated by the Tavern.
Heart Defibrillator: A suggestion was made at the First Aid training class that this would be an asset to the village in cases of heart attack. The proposed site is in the existing telephone kiosk at the Cross. It could be acquired from BT at a reasonable cost. The Trust supports this in principle. Considerable fundraising would be needed to achieve this extremely worthwhile goal to save lives.
Footpaths:  In conjunction with Springfied Community Council.
1.The existing Springfield / Stratheden footpath, enjoyed by walkers and cyclists alike, needs the surface upgraded and the adjoining area tidied and improved.
2. An improvement is planned for the footpath from the Muirs Road beyond the Makgill Row gardens, leading to a new bench, a welcome rest for walkers.
A grant for these projects is available from the ' Paths for All ' body, dependent on Community involvement. Able bodied volunteers are urgently needed for this and also for verge planting on banks at the top of Main Street and the end of Station Road. Younger people will be most welcome to join in.
Please contact : dave.russell@springfieldfife or
War Memorial: The memorial book engraving has been done and new slabs are being laid. It is all looking good.
Winter talk: A very interesting talk was given in the Church Hall on 23rd February by Dr John McManus on the history of small coal mines in the Cupar area.


Food, Fun and Friendship for All Ages!

Messy Church meets from 4-6pm in Springfield Church and Church Hall once a month.

The upcoming dates are:

Sunday 9th April

Sunday 14th May (please note the change of date)

Sunday 18th June

Each month we explore a different Bible Story together.

Come and be creative, celebrate with songs and stories, share a meal together.

It would be great if you could come!

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information, please contact Trudi Newton (0798 378 6985)

Dear Friends,

Since the last newsletter we have celebrated Christmas together with lots of special services and events.

A Sunday School Christmas Workshop was held in the Manse where we explored the Christmas Story through Godly Play and various activities.

All ages, including some of the Youth Group, were involved in the nativity service at Ceres where the Sunday School presented the play “The Angry Hotel Man.”

A special Messy Church was held where we explored the Christmas Story, shared a Christmas meal together and Santa came to visit!

The Christmas Eve Family Service in Springfield was also a special occasion, where all ages gathered together to tell the Christmas Story and sing carols by candlelight.

And now Lent is upon us!

We are looking forward to our annual Easter Egg Hunt in the New Manse on Easter Sunday, 16th April, at 2.30pm. This is an event for all ages– there’s no charge but children do need to be accompanied by an adult. It would be great if you could make it!

On Saturday 13th May, there will be a Family Fun Day held in the Bow-Butts in Ceres from 2-4pm. This is a cluster event, being organised by the Cluster of Church of Scotland congregations, which includes CKS. There will be fun for all the family with a variety of activities, face painting, races and games. Please bring a packed lunch! Children need to bring an adult.

The Sunday School are exploring parables this term and are continuing to be involved in all-age services and this month are involved with the World Day of Prayer.

Messy Church continues to meet – please see the above article for dates until June. Due to understandable reasons, a couple of people on the team have had to step down so we are hoping to build a “bank team” of people who could be called upon to help with Messy Church on the odd occasion if team numbers are low.

Thanks must go to all on the various teams, both past and present.

May God Bless us as we travel through Lent towards Holy Week and the Joy of Easter.

Trudi Newton

Children and Families Worker - Tel: 0798 378 6985 /


Mondays at Ceres. We have been very busy since 2017 began. Thanks to all who supported us (12-1.30pm in the Lower Session Hall). 28th February we were able to donate 1000 to Church Funds – amazing. Home made soup, toasties and tea/coffee and biscuits are served. We would love to see some new customers!



Fund Raising Events for the Church

CKS Church Annual Plant Sale

Saturday 27th May 2017

From 10am to 12.00pm, Ceres Church Car Park

Plants by the Car Park,

Cake & Candy, Bric-a-Brac and Book stalls

in the Session hall,

Teas & Coffees also available.

CKS Church Annual Summer Fete

Saturday 26th August 2017

From 1pm to 4pm on the Village Green in Ceres

Usual stalls: Cake & Candy, Plant & Produce, Raffle, Bottle, Bric-a-Brac along with others

Tea, Coffee and Homebaking available too

We look forward to seeing you there !


Minister’s Study Leave - Pilgrimage to Israel

For the last eighteen months, a small group of ministers from our Presbytery have been meeting regularly under the auspices of Macedonian Ministries – an American based organisation. We have covenanted together to support one another and to grow and learn together as we reflect on the work of ministry today. We are led by Revs Peter Neilson and Arthur Christie, both based in Anstruther.(Arthur is Parish Minister, Peter, a former parish minister and now semi-retired, is a very experienced mission leader and consultant on mission) We also have met up from time to time with representatives from Macedonian Ministries’ leadership when they have visited us from their base in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

A key element of the Macedonian Ministries programme is that participants go on a pilgrimage to Israel. Therefore, On 24th April, our group will be flying out to Israel where we will join up with a group of ministers from the States. I have never been before and I am really excited about this adventure. It will be quite an experience to walk where Jesus walked and to actually visit the places that feature in the Biblical story.

We are only too aware that Israel is a very troubled and divided land and therefore we have insisted that our visit also includes some time spent with the Palestinian Christian Community. I am quite sure that it will be a memorable experience and I look forward to sharing it all with you when I return.

Jim Campbell.


Easter Services:

Palm Sunday 9th April: Palm Sunday – Kemback Communion 9.45am

Ceres Palm Sunday Worship at 11.15am

13th April Maundy Thursday: 6.30pm Springfield

14th April: Good Friday: 12noon – 3pm Kemback (readings, prayers music – come and go as you please)

14th April: Good Friday Evening Service - Ceres 6.30pm

16th April: Easter Sunday:

Hill of Tarvit 8am followed by breakfast in Craigrothie Hall.

Springfield 10.00am

Ceres 11.30am

Easter Egg Hunt: The Manse, Almbank, Gladney at 2.30pm

Kemback Open-Air Communion 6.30pm



We will be having two very special services – at Springfield, 9.45am on Sunday 4th June, and at Kemback 9.45, Ceres 11.15 on Sunday 11th June.

At these “Back to Church” services, there will be short spots highlighting the different aspects of what we are doing in Church and community.

The service will be an ideal opportunity for folk who have not been to church for a while to come back. Equally, the service will give the ideal opportunity for regular worshippers to invite friends who don’t come to church.

Invitations will be sent out nearer the time


A Poem for everyone! Just for Today

Just for today I will live through the next 12 hours and

not tackle my whole life’s problems at once.

Just for today I will improve my mind. I will learn something useful.

I will read something that requires effort, and concentration.

Just for today I will not find fault with a friend, relative or colleague.

I will not try to change or improve anyone but myself.

Just for today I will have a program.

I might not follow it exactly, but I will have it.

I will save myself from two enemies – hurry and indecision.

Just for today I will exercise my character in two ways.

I will do a good turn and keep it a secret.

If anyone finds out, it won’t count.

Just for today I will do two things I don’t want to do,

just for the exercise.

Just for today I will unafraid.

Especially will I be unafraid to enjoy what is beautiful and

believe that as I give to the World, the World will give to me.

Ann Landers