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REPORTS TO SESSION 17th January 2019


Fabric and finance

Fellowship and outreach

Worship sub-committee






1.1 Kemback Church Toilet

The planning application and the building warrant application are now with Fife Council and it is anticipated that a decision on both applications will be received by the end of the month.   Once the decisions are received and assuming it is approval the next step will be to identify a contractor to carry out the work.   The funding for the project has now been secured.


1.2 Kemback Hall

All the matters relating to the lease of the hall have been resolved.  The final version of the lease is with the Kirk Session this evening for signing by the Minister, The Session Clerk, The Treasurer and the Kemback Property Convenor.  A copy of the lease is with the trustees of the Hall Charity who will also sign the document and thereafter a copy of the signed document will be lodged with the Church of Scotland legal department.   The practicalities of the handover, for example the meter readings, transfer of nil liability for rates and water will be passed across to the trustees of the Hall Charity.


1.3 Springfield Land

There is an informal offer for the land currently with the solicitor for the church and in addition there is one further person expressing interest in the land.   Work continues to secure a buyer for the land at around the asking price of £85,000.  Clarification has been given about what constitutes a suitable boundary and it has been agreed with the architect that a beech hedge between the site and the church will satisfy Fife Council requirements.   A price is awaited for the installation of a beech hedge.


1.4 Springfield Church

Work is progressing well at the church with regular progress meetings taking place between the church representative, David Gray, the contractor John Smart of Kirkcaldy, the architects Tindalls.  The last progress meeting was on 14th January 2019 where the contractor was of the opinion that, as yet, there were no major problems arising.  Services to the site are in progress with telephone and broadband now installed, gas being installed this week, a date at the end of the month has been agreed with regard to electricity.   Water remains the outstanding utility to have an agreed date but an initial meeting will take place on the 17th January 2019.   The contractor is proving good to work with and good progress is being made on all areas of work.   The team is working well together resolving issues as they arise.


1.5 Ceres Church

A further meeting with Tindalls to discuss the revised refurbishment plans for Ceres Church and the disabled access will take place in late February 2019.    Once the revised plans are available a further submission will require to be made to the General Trustees for their approval.   It is hoped that all approvals can be obtained during the summer of 2019 but as this has proved problematic in the past the date could slip


1.6 Ceres Session Hall

The Church of Scotland lawyer is working his way through the necessary clearances with regard to the proposed two car parking spaces in the car park relating to the proposed sale of the Session Hall.  Experience at Springfield has taught us that it is advantageous to retain the hall until the work is completed, as storage facilities are required for church equipment.  It is therefore proposed that the sale of the Session Hall be put on hold until we have secured approval for the refurbishment of the church.




2.1 Kemback Church

There requires to be some pointing to the north gable of the church and an estimate has been received of around £500.  The work will proceed in the spring of 2019 or as the weather permits.   Budget provision is included in the 2019 budget for this work.


2.2 Ceres Church

The roof of the church requires repairs estimated at between £1,600 and £2,000.   The Property Convenor will now proceed to have the work carried out in the spring of 2019.   Budget provision is included in the 2019 budget for this work.


2.3 Springfield Church – maintenance budget

It was agreed that a sum be put into the 2019 budget for maintenance of the refurbished church.   The figure agreed was £2,000 per annum.


2.4 Property Register

In order to ensure that the Property Registers would be available for the inspection of records in early March 2019 work would commence on updating the property registers for both Kemback and Ceres churches.

2.1 Finance Report


3 Finance Matters


3.1 Accounts for 2018

The accounts for 2018 are now with Henderson Black for inspection.   The trustees report that will be required to be completed by the Minister, the Session Clerk and the Treasurer before the end of January 2019.   It has been difficult to bring the accounts in on surplus this year and subject to the view that the Independent Examiner takes on certain adjustments it is hoped that the year-end accounts will show a very small surplus.


3.2 Budget for 2019

Attached to this report is the budget for 2019.    The budget has been a difficult one to prepare and balance and the Kirk Sessions attention is drawn to page 3 of the budget paper where the four major issues are detailed along with a request to Kirk Session to address the overall funding of the church in compliance with their roles as charity trustees.


3.3 Collection System

There remains concern that the collection system despite being simplified is on occasions not working well.    Kirk Session is requested to ensure that all elders understand their responsibilities with regard to the collection and counting of any monies received by the church


3.4 Use of Springfield Monies for Mission Purposes

As a reminder to Kirk Session the paper outlining the proposed expenditure of the monies drawn from the Springfield Bequest is attached for information and the appropriate action where required

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Fellowship and Outreach. January 2019


Kemback Church
From Sheena (NB to be passed on to Fabric and finance)


Some time ago, you asked me to investigate the provision of a path, making Kemback church more accessible to wheelchairs. I have looked online under two headings:


1.accessible path surfacing for wheelchairs


2.Disability Information Scotland (Scottish Disability Directory)


Under path surfacing, I have found a resin bound paving. This fixes together small stones with resin to form a smooth surface. It allows drainage and durability. I don't yet now its cost, nor whether it could bind the present gravel together.


In the Disability Information Scotland directory, different headings can be consulted. If you wish this to be discussed and if there is time on Thursday, I can provide more information, but I think this is a long-term task, which I am willing to pursue. I think we need to get the opinion of wheelchair users and possibly to follow through this question through the outreach group.


Kemback Hall:


After much work and communication with 121 George Street and Voluntary Fife (Maureen Burgess), Chris Hemingway and Sarah Wood have finalised details of the lease of Kemback Hall by a community group from the Session of CKS Church. The hall is due to be handed over on 17 January to a community group on a twenty five year lease with a break clause after three years for both the church and the charity to review the position. The terms of the agreement are in the lease.


Guild: (more info to be given at the session meeting)

We have 16 members. We have disbursed £250 to our chosen charity Malawi Fruits "Growing the future" and £45 to other charities.

Bowls and a Blether: Restarts on Friday 18th January. a regular attendance of 8 upwards.

Springfield Café: The café continues to be an enjoyable place for people to meet and chat over coffee etc.  The number of people varies from week to week and has been smaller in the lead up to Christmas and the first opening in January.   However those who attend enjoy the company and the chat. We are looking forward to having the café in the new Church Centre and expect the numbers attending to increase.



Springfield Church: The renovations are well under way and we look forward to having all sorts of launch events (hopefully) in the summer. Thinking caps on please – and let’s try provide events for a wide range of ages and interests.


We are in the early stages of appointing a manager for the new community church centre


One vital point needs to be made. This project is a CKS one and not just for Springfield Elders (There are now only two!) . IT MUST BE OWNED BY THE ENTIRE SESSION  AND MEMBERSHIP OF CKS!


Ceres Soup Lunches:

Since moving to the Café in October we have lost a number of helpers – all for good reasons. In addiition, we have had low numbers coming in for soup. There have been a few good days but, of course we are missing our regulars from Cupar – they are so dependent on one elderly member for transport and she is not so able now. Several regulars are no longer with us in one sense or another.

We have, however, had a few visitors to the village which is good. The takings are affected by the above and by the fact we are paying rent to the Café – which is fair This ‘term’ is going to be crunch time as we feel that three of us committing so much time and work is not being balanced.        (From Anne Hoggan)

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Worship Sub Committee Report January 2019


handsThe new worship pattern is settling in. Elders should now have the calendar for all of 2019. Numbers at the 11am services have picked up after rather poor attendances before Christmas. We are aware that some members will only attend “their church.” Elders - please do help (a) by offering transport and especially (b) By attending the service, if you can, wherever it is on any particular Sunday and by helping in whatever way you can to foster the sense of CKS as one Church and not three! This is absolutely vital as we look towards the future.

Remembrance Sunday: The Services went really well. Ceres now attracts the local youth organisations and has become very much an all-age service.

Kemback is particularly special with the service moving outside to the war memorial for the Call to Remembrance.

Grateful thanks to Simon Weller for leading an act of Remembrance at the Springfield War Memorial. An important comment from Simon: It was a privilege to lead the Act of Remembrance at Springfield.  I  think it is important that the tragedy of war is recalled, and that this was also the feeling of those who attended.

Hopefully there will be a full Remembrance Service in the refurbished Springfield Church this year


The School Nativity Service in Ceres Church on 13th December  was a joyous occasion. It was good to welcome so many parents to our church.  Maybe next year more CKS members and elders might attend? (Thanks Sheena for coming along!)

The Kemback Hall service on 23rd December was very well attended indeed (We had a scramble to get out more chairs!) although there was also some sadness that we didn’t use the church building. However, because it was the hall, several people with limited mobility were able to attend who would otherwise have been barred on grounds of accessibility.

The 6.30 Christmas Eve Family Service in Springfield was informal and story-based. There was a good turnout of families.

The 9pm Ceres Carol service has now become a popular fixture and drew a sizeable congregation. Again, grateful thanks to Simon and his team for organising this.

The 11.30 Watchnight service drew around forty people.(A sharp, dry wintry night was a big improvement on last year’s wet and miserable weather)  Nearly everyone stayed behind for mince pies and spiced Ribena!

It was noted that all these services drew lots of people who normally do not come to church. There was a great atmosphere of community spirit (a possible pun there!)

The 10.30 am Christmas Day Service in Ceres drew very few people, but thankfully, they all sat together in the box pews. Although numbers were small, it was a very special time together.

Question: Now that we have a Christmas Eve service in Ceres, do we really need one on Christmas Day as well?

The Booklet, “Follow the Star” which was made available at the Christmas services, has been appreciated.

The café style service in Springfield Hall on 30th December drew a good congregation and was very much a CKS service with people coming from across the parish. Once the church is refurbished, it would be good to have occasional services in this format.

Sanctuary on 26th December was small in attendance but this was a much appreciated time of stillness and reflection after the sometimes crazy busyness of the Christmas season.

The Gathering is now well established. We have over 10 people worshipping regularly who did not worship with us before and one or two CKS members who were previously occasional worshippers who are now there most weeks. Although it was not a particular aim at the beginning, the Gathering has now become a safe place for people to get experience in leading worship. All who come are welcome to take part in leading prayers, doing the Bible reading, doing a reflection or providing music. Before we started the gathering, we had three people regularly sharing in leading worship. We now have seven. This is extremely important for a future CKS which is unlikely to have a full-time minister. The Gathering has not become in any way a separate congregation as there are several people  whose attendance moves between the Gathering and the 11am service,.

The following is a comment from one member of the Gathering team:

There seems a real sense of community now and people are more open to discuss the topics raised during the reflections, and I think this can only have a positive effect on how people's faith deepens when hearing of other's experiences. The less formal approach encourages participation by those who would not have considered taking part in a service before. My one comment would be that it would be nice if we could encourage more people from the community to come along, as all who attend at the moment have already ties of some kind with a church, but maybe we need to establish a firm base first.

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