1.       FOOD-BANK: Whilst all in-date items are gratefully received they are short of the following; Macaroni Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese, White Sugar, Orange Juice, Long Life Milk, Tins of Ravioli, all tinned and packet foods.

2.       Prayer Group: the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th  February. There will also be a short prayer meeting every Wednesday held in Kemback Church at 10.30 am to focus on the work of CKS not meeting on 26th December or 2nd January, resuming on 9th January.  to which anyone interested is welcome to come along. House-group meets on at 10.00am

3.       Ceres Soup Lunches in village Café in Mondays 12noon-130pm. Last Soup before Christmas will be Monday 17th December. Will resume on Monday 14th January 2019 (NB earlier than previous intimation)

4.       Café at Springfield every Wednesday 10.30 -12 noon. None on Boxing Day or 2nd January  resumes on 9th January.

5.       Call for Volunteers (Children’s Workers) - Helpers are required to assist with Messy Church and with the Youth Group. A safeguarding disclosure is required. To find out what is involved, and to get application forms, please send your e-mail address to 

6.       Next Sanctuary takes place in Ceres Church this Wednesday 26th December at 2pm only. The Church will, of course, be open all day every day as usual.

7.       Crisis in Edinburgh, a charity for the Homeless would be grateful for donations of new thick socks. Contact Hazel 01334 610546